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York Daily Record Poem of the Month “Bird Hollow” chosen by Stacia Fleegal 5/8/2014 

Yorkfest Arts Festival Literary Competition, August 2014, “Camille Claudel” (third place) and “Vivid” (honorable mention) chosen by Christine Lincoln.

York Daily Record, poem “Sylvia” and an interview, presented in, “The Writer’s Voice” column by Christine Lincoln February 2, 2015.

Philadelphia Stories, “Nights of the Angels of the Transfiguration” May 2015 

Third Point Press, “Doll” May 2015 (nominated for Best of the Net) 

Yorkfest Arts Festival Literary Competition, “Song of Winter” (third place) chosen by Christine Lincoln, August 2015

The Literary Nest, “Jasmine Fence” Vol. 2, Issue 2, Summer 2016

The Skinny Poetry Journal, “Stay” and “Nights With Teeth,” March 2018 

Fledgling Rag Issue 18, “The Great Dishonesty of the Precipice, Its Edge,” “The Father, the Son, and Some Unholy Spirits,” and “Ode to the Floating Woman Whose Child Survived the Hurricane,” February 2018

The Literary Nest, “Ode to the Lark’s Song” Vol. 4, Issue 1, May 2018 

Lily Poetry Review, Summer 2019 “Inward” and “Camille Claudel at the Museum in Paris”

The Skinny Poetry Anthology, “Stay” Cherry Castle Publishing, Fall 2019

The Skinny Poetry Journal, “A Year Later” and “I Never Told You,” December 2019 

Martin Lake Journal, “More Angel Than Bird,” Volume 3, 2020

The Literary Nest, “And the Window is a Sky,” chosen as an honorable mention by Annie Finch for the Villanelle contest, Vol. 6, Issue 1 

Anti-Heroin Chic, “Counting Buddhas” and “Courage Begins,” June 2020

Poems2go, “Counting Buddhas” and “Courage Begins,” (re-print) Fall 2020

The American Journal of Poetry, Volume 10, January 1, 2021, "Ode to Those Who Lived Through Their Deaths"

arc 28- Journal of the Israel Association of Writers in English (IAWE) "There is This Darkness Between Us"

Ample Remains, “Paper Angels Fall from the Sky,” Issue Two, February 2021 

Lothlorien Poetry Journal, “Elegy for Ophelia with the Sky Full of Starlings,” February 16, 2021

The Wild Word, “Words in a Night Jar,” Spring Issue 2021 

Thimble Magazine, “Grief Brushes in A New Year,” Summer 2021 

Solstice: A Magazine for Diverse Voices, “Punk Rock Aphrodite,” Editor’s Choice, Summer Contest Issue 2021 


The Skinny Poetry Journal, “Another Flower Cut Down in Detroit” and “Unwinged,” May 2022 


POETiCA REViEW "When the Light Leaves Us" and "Into Ether" Summer 2022 Issue 14


DarkWinter Literary Magazine, “The Solitude of Drowning” and “I Love Your Every Shade of Dark” Summer 2022


The Skinny Poetry Journal, “I Dream My Body My Own Again” July 2022 


Anti-Heroin Chic, “When your world grows smaller,” October Issue 2022 


Vox Populi, “Words in a Night Jar,” “The Consolation of Flowers,” and “Doll,” December 2022 

Lily Poetry Review, "The Magdalen Girls," Issue 10, Summer 2023

Streetlight Magazine, “Autumn Landscape” December 2023


RockPaperPoem, "Lament" December, 2023



Lily Poetry Review, Book Review of Bad Harvest, Issue 3, Winter 2020

Lily Poetry Review, Book Review of Red Comet, Issue 7, Winter 2022


Lothlorien Poetry Journal, "The Politician" April 2023 the-politician-flash-fiction-story-by.html

Dark Fantasy, Flash Fiction Anthology, Wicked Shadow Press, "The Politician" May 2023

Quibble Lit, “The Ladies of the Tower” Issue 12, October 2023


Washington Writers’ Publishing House, “Delicious” January 2024


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